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  • 2014

    Plug, Filter & Play - "More power, More fun"

  • 2013

    Power-sport spark plug range launched.

  • 2011 Sito

    Champion motorcycle filter range re-launched.
    Every filter precision engineered to equal or exceed OE standards.

  • 2007 Sito

    Champion celebrates 100 years.

  • 2006 Sito

    Fernando Alonso’s Renault win s the F1 Driver & Constructor Championships.

  • 1998 Sito

    CHAMPION becomes a Federal Mogul Corporation brand.

  • 1996 Sito

    CHAMPION launch the double platinum plug designed for 150.000 km life.

  • 1995 Sito pl

    Champion powers all F1 grand prix wins.

  • 1994 Sito

    CHAMPION win its 300th Grand Prix with Gerhard Berger.
    Michael Schumacher’s Benetton Ford wins the World Driver & Constructor Championships relying on CHAMPION.

  • 1984 sito

    Richard Noble breaks the land speed record with an average speed of 1019 km/h.
    CHAMPION ignites Alain Prost’s McLaren to the F1 World Driver & Constructor Championships.

  • 1978x Sito

    Jean-Pierre Jaussaud & Didier Pironi win the Le Mans 24hr in their Champion powered Renault Alpine A442B.

  • 1970x Sito

    Champion powers the Concorde to Mach II & the first 3.5 hour transatlantic flight.

  • 1963 Sito

    The late, great Jim Clark wins the World Championship with Lotus and CHAMPION .

  • 1957 Sito

    CHAMPION is used in the B52 Flying Fortress non-stop around the world flight - 45hours, 19minutes.

  • 1934 Sitp2

    All Indy 500 cars finishing the race use CHAMPION .
    The first US jet fighter Bell P59 uses CHAMPION.

  • 1915 sito

    The CHAMPION X-Plug is used as OE on the Ford Model T.

  • 1910

    After splitting with Mr. Champion, the Stranahans move the CHAMPION Spark Plug Company to Toledo to be near the developing US automotive industry in Detroit.

  • 1908 Sito

    Champion founds the CHAMPION Spark Plug Company in the USA. He starts working with the Stranahan brothers to design the CHAMPION X spark plug. 

  • 1878

    Albert Champion born in France.