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CHAMPION Oil / Air Filters


Champion oil filters remove contaminants from the engine oil such as combustion residue, dust and metallic particles.

Thanks to their OE-matching quality and design, they ensure a continuous oil flow and maintain the lubrication capability of the oil.


Key Features


  • Developed with Extensive Laboratory Testing

A Champion oil filter is designed to have an efficiency, capacity and burst strength that meets OE requirements.
ISO 4548 testing is used in the development of each Champion filter’s design specifications.


  • Material Quality

Champion oil filters are manufactured with only the highest quality steel, adhesives and filter media.


  • Rigid Core Structure

Prevents deformation and catastrophic failure of the media under different system pressure spikes, and as the media becomes clogged.

  • Oil Type Compatibility

Suitable for use with all conventional, blended and synthetic oils.


  • World Class Manufacturing

Champion oil filters are manufactured as per IATF 16949:2016 standards.
Every filter undergoes 16 separate quality checks before leaving the factory guaranteeing consistent quality standards.





Champion air filters are closely  matched to original equipment specifications.

They remove nearly all the contaminants that could cause damage to the engine’s cylinders and fuel injection.

World class manufacturing processes mean that the dimensions of every filter are tightly controlled to give an exacting fit.


Changing your filter will help you keep your engine safe, clean and performant:

  • Maintain Maximum Power

A new filter will ensure that the air flowing into the engine is clean.  This means that the pure mixture of fuel and air guarantees maximum power.


  • Protect Your Engine

Prevent unfiltered particles entering the engine and thereby protect your engine from potential breakdown or damage.

A new filter = a safe and protected engine.


  • Keep Consumption Low

Limit choke effects and particle detachments by fitting a new filter. Keep the pressure of your engine at the right level and keep it running clean.



Dual foam filters feature two layers of foam that maximizes filtration and optimizes air flow.
Top quality materials and superior construction allow the filter to be cleaned and reused repeatedly without loss of performance.